Introducing the Gótico – where it all began

El Gotico is the very heart of Barcelona and where the city began many, many years ago. Join us in a series of articles on this unique barrio of Barcelona as we discover and share with you the best bars, restaurants, shops, sights and attractions. A maze a narrow streets and fantastic architecture, you’ll fall in love with Gotico.

Shopping in the Gótico –where it all began

Are you a fan of shopping? Don’t know where the best shops are in El Gotico? This article provides you will a list a fun and unique shops in Barcelona that can’t be found in the usual guidebooks. Surprise your friends and family with something a little different to the usual holiday souvenirs and take a look.

Introducing Born – an area for sophisticated travellers

Get a feel for the Borne, or ‘El Born’, district in Barcelona. With opinions, impressions and a little history about the area, our article is the perfect introduction to this sophisticated district. Famed for its cobbled streets and artistic richness, we’re sure we can whet your appetite for a visit!

Shop until you drop in Barcelona’s L’Eixample Esquerra

Barcelona’s Eixample Esquerra is a shopper’s paradise and is filled with edible treats and goodies, fancy art work, unique clothing, exciting home ware, interior design and so much more. Why not discover it for yourself? We almost guarantee you won’t leave empty handed. Don’t forget the credit card!

Eating out in the Gótico – where it all began

Barcelona has so many great places to eat and with many of them in El Gotico, you can spend hours wandering, getting hungrier and hungrier. We have prepared a selection of some of our favourite eateries throughout this area for all times of the day, to save you any hassle. Why not try them all and let us know your overall winner.

Bringing El Born to Life – The Best Bars and Clubs

The Born area of Barcelona is jam-packed with beautiful cocktail bars and sophisticated clubs, with something for every taste. A great alternative to the port, the district is guaranteed to give you a more authentic night out. If you’re of unsure where to head out tonight, check out our guide to the best places.

L’Eixample Esquerra – Barcelona’s left-leaning district

Eixample is the largest of Barcelona's districts and the are so many reasons to pay this area a visit that we have complied a short series of articles on either side of the Eixample to prepare you with what it has to offer. Start here with an introduction the left hand side, Izquierda.
Barcelona's Eixample Izquierda

A tour through Eixample Esquerra

Discover the sights and sounds of Barcelona’s Eixample Esquerra, the left hand side of the city’s extension. Fantastic architecture and plenty of photo opportunities, check out this ‘do it yourself’ tour and experience the best things to see in this bustling and exciting neighbourhood.
Square in El Borne

Bringing Born to life – a tour through the district

Discover El Born – a fantastic, sophisticated area to spend the day in Barcelona. With everything from quaint tapas bars to avant-garde museums and ancient churches, there is something for everyone in El Borne. Read on for the perfect walk around the district, incorporating the best sights and attractions.

Bringing El Born to Life – Where to Shop

Thinking of visiting El Born? Then this area of Barcelona is the perfect place for a bit of retail therapy, especially if you like individual, unique shops. We’ve compiled a list of the very best places to pick up something a bit special in this district. Read on to find out what not to miss.